A retargetable compiler for the ANSI C language
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Logiciels/Informatique, Jacob Navia

Create and customize software projects built on the ANSI C programming language by compiling, linking, assembling code and editing the available resources. The suite features such options as operator overloading, containers, network programming access, etc.

Old versions

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The compiler system, featuring compiler, linker, assembler, resource Editor and a lot of useful tools.
Distribution including the 64 bit compiler. This is the most recent distribution. In the README file you will find the latest changes done.
The C Containers library project. This project proposes a standard for containers and a sample implementations of them. This library is included with the distribution of lcc-win
The system will not work correctly without this file. The online help, and the documentation of the whole system are necessary to use it. It will save you time, and help you avoid asking questions that are answered in the documentation. (around 8 MB)

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